2019 Paintings

"Growing Old Together"
40"x30" oil on canvas #6192

16"x20" oil on canvas #6156

"A Dick of a World"
55"x48.5" acrylic on linen #6190

"The Road To Heaven"
40"x30" oil on canvas #6105

"Not An Impossibility"
12"x16" oil on canvas #6154

"Nobody Wants To Remember"
16"x20" oil on canvas #6088

"Sun Salutations"
20"x15.5" watercolor, crayon, pencil & ink on Barcham Green Hayle paper #6089

20"x15" ink & watercolor on Fabriano Tiepolo paper #6084

"Patti Smith"
30"x22" Ink on Fabriano Tiepolo paper #6132

"Between Masks" 
49"x37" watercolor, ink & crayon on Stonehenge paper #6188

15.5" x 20" watercolor & ink on paper #6127

"Opening Your Heart"
20"x15" ink on Fabriano Tiepolo paper #6173
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