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40"x60" oil on panel ©1980 #590

Woman With Baby
40"x60" o/c ©1981 #592
The Robin Symes Collection Resurfaced
(In Private Collections)

Tiresias and Odysseus
78"x62" o/c ©1981 #819

Man With X-Ray Apparatus
78"x58" o/c ©1981 #820

Dancing With Jungle Julia
78"x62" o/c ©1982 #970
The paintings shown here were hidden for over 30 years and just resurfaced in 2011. They were originally purchased in the 1980's by London’s best-known and most successful dealer in antiquities at the time, Robin Symes. In 2011 the Symes collection was auctioned off by a bankcrupty court (The fall of Robin Symes) and my paintings among them. Here is part of the Symes' collection which I am able to reproduce thanks to the above art dealers who contacted me and provided me with photos. I will be adding more photos as I receive them. The paintings have never been in any shows since my selling them to Mr. Symes. Some of these paintings hung at the Rockefeller Guesthouse on 52nd Street, a building designed by Philip C. Johnson in 1948,which at that time was owned by Mr. Symes. I have not seen theses paintings for many years, nor did I know where they were since Robin Symes sold the Rockefeller Guesthouse to Ronald S. Lauder in 1989.

Man And Creature
78"x62" o/c ©1982 #1080

Two Figures
78"x62" o/c ©1982 #1095

78"x62" o/c ©1982 #1177

78"x62" o/c ©1983 #1305

Three Associates
78"x62" o/c ©1982 #1089

Dancing Figure
78"x62" o/c ©1982 #1181

78"x62" o/c ©1982 #1087

Kevin & Lisa
78"x62" o/c ©1983 #1335

78"x62" o/c ©1983 #1356

78"x62" o/c ©1983 #1368

Man & Dog
78"x62" o/c ©1982 #1206

Figure With Two Dogs
78"x62" o/c ©1983 #1212

78"x62" o/c ©1983 #1248

Raising Hell
78"x62" o/c ©1983 #1396

Man to Man
78"x62" o/c ©1983 #1495

Butcher Angel
30"x24" o/c ©1983 #1524

78"x62" o/c ©1983 #1249

Meltzer, Meltzer & Meltzer
178"x62" o/c ©193 #1251

Portrait of Cathleen
72"x48" o/c ©1983 #1307

78"x62" o/c ©1983 #1526

Two Figures
78"x62" o/c ©1984 #1661

78"x62" o/c ©1983 #1332

78"x62" o/c ©1983 #1334

78"x62" o/c ©1983 #1366

78"x62" o/c ©1983 #1402

Two Figures
78"x62" o/c ©1983 #1465

Man & Unicycle
78"x62" o/c ©1983 #1468

78"x62" o/c ©1983 #1490

78"x62" o/c ©1983 #1522

Sofa Size
62"x78" o/c #1728